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Fashion photoshoot for a fashion leaflet. (Removed by Admin)

We are looking for Textile Jacquard designer - HandLoom and PowerLoom, which is an expert in designing "exclusive brocade sarees". business will be continuous in nature. be in touch for more details.

I am looking for sportswear certified developing company to produce my new clothes brand.

it will be used this logo for jewelry accessories. the sign is FOX. requirements: simple and easy to craft silver. Redesign sample shape to modern and fashionable. Please find attached sample shape picture.

i want a design for clothing.i want the designes to be done from ethiopian art or painting, from ethiopian tradtional cloth designes and rasta designes n more

I am running a shopify store. I set up the site myself. apparently its the worst thing ever. I want it to look professional and TRUSTWORTHY to buy from AND RETURN to shop. My goal was to make it "cute" fun to browse through. My niche is swimsuits & (swimwear) accessories. So examples of sites i want to mimic: white fox boutique, san lorenzo, bikini crush swimwear, beachbunny swimwear. Those are a FEW examples of how fun, professional, EASILY navigatable, and trustworthy I would like my site to appear. My site is [url removed, login to view] I would love any feedback on how I can start building a professional & trustworthy brand. (Also i beleive i NEED a NEW LOGO as well.)

Require International Models for Indian Bridal Wear and special lingerie wear Collections. Dresses will be sent via post, you should hire your own photographer, we shall reimburse photography and lighting costs. Please go thorough the below attached designs and message me if interested. Experienced Models are preferred.

Need Fashion Sketch for Jeans to Create (CAD ?) For Manufactuer

I need freelancers to make my competition collection reality! pattern cutting and samples in calico will be made by me for a guidance all i need is some pair of hands to help me make this! This person needs to have a min of 2 years sewing experience as this needs to be made neat and nicely. Please show me some work when you apply. Im open to higher negotiations as long as i can feel that youre the ideal candidate. You need to be based ideally in London,i can provide you an industrial sewing machine

me gusta crear nuevas lineas de moda en franelas y jeans, innovadores que esten fuera del sistema comun y atractivo al joven fuera del monton

Need of models for an advertising, open-minded models are required, with no limitation on working pattern.

Need to create a prototype for a garment idea. This is step one. There are multiple more steps to follow to take this concept to production, however, for now I am interested in the design and prototype job.

I am looking for a skilled, experienced and very detailed pattern maker/Sample maker for an upcoming intimates wear line. Diligence and communication is extremely important to me and my project and I Need someone who will take this seriously.

I need a logo designed.

I want develop a smart watch. Putting together a team. knowledge of industry , have a vision, trend setters. Weekly milestones.

we are an merchant exporter company, deals in all kinds of fashion apparels, we are looking for fashion designers who can design our beachwear range of products.

im ready to hire fashion designer which will link to my shop in wholesale market in jakarta. freshman with wide ideas of fashion for youth and muslim wears. or anyone with skilled and knowledge for hijab industries especially hijab fashion come and join

20 sketches of swimwear designs ready for manufacture in china. We will have the designs and mood board ready to go.

I’m looking for someone to help design and make women’s high heel shoe.

Hello. I own an e-commerce website selling branded running, gym and yoga wear, namely After 2 years it is now time for our own brand that caters for all women and men. As we are a small business I have to start small and this is why I am choosing women's gym knickers that obviously don't show, don't chafe and have some bladder protection. I know the fabric I would like and have started to make headway but would like more help with the final fabric choice and sourcing and then design and tech pack etc. The Leopard Rock brand is about what people want: quality, high-performance, functionality, stylish and available in a higher range of sizes. I am hoping to find someone in the UK who I can work close with as I have a lot of ideas and would like to branch out with more products. If this project is something you would like to be involved in, please get in touch. Rachel

Up-and-coming Luxury Designer Hires an Italian Expert on Freelancer

Yvonne Rieser didn’t need to fly to Italy to work with one of the best fashion designers in the country

Eco-friendly Clothing Maker Hires a Fashion Designer on

Shift to Nature owner, Sonja Bar-Am, collaborates with a freelancer for an eco yoga wear line

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